Weekly Sessions

We accept all children who have at least one French speaking parent, or who have lived in a French speaking country and have a good understanding of French.

During the sessions only French is spoken and children have the opportunity to improve their French with other French speaking children by participating in various activities. We therfore ask parents to speak exclusively in French while attending the Petite Ecole.

Children are separated into age groups and the activities will be adapted to their age and level of French.

Every term we offer a special activity or an event for all the age groups which are listed in the calendar.

Parents are invited to stay during the sessions and are responsible of their children at all time. All parents organising lessons are doing this on a voluntary basis and have at least one child registered with the group. It is essential for the smooth running of the group that all parents participate get involved in the running of the group as much as they can. Everyone can help, for example by assisting the person who is running a lesson, by moving tables and chairs at the beginning or the end of the sessions, by preparing tea and coffee, by washing the cups or sweeping up the hall at the end of the morning.

It is important for the running of our group that parents take initiatives and offer to help and organise events or outings.

Session schedule : we start at exactly 9h45 on saturday morning.

  • 9h45-10h: set up, songs and nursery rhymes for each age group.
  • 10h-10h45: 1st part of the lesson.
    Children are separated by age group (3 and 4 year old, 5 and 6 year old, 6 snd 7 year old, 8 and 9 year old, 10 year old and more+).  For all age groups, the emphasis is on oral language. From 5 year old, Dès 5 ans, at the same time as they learn English at school, they will discover French sounds. Reading is introduced from 6 year old and writing from 7 year old. Initiation to grammar from 8 year old.
  • 10h45-11h15: break time !
    Children can play with balls and will receive a drink and a snack. Parents can have a chat and a cup of tea or coffee. The person in charge of the library will advise about books and films for your children.
  • 11h15-11h45: 2nd part of the lesson
  • 11h45-12h: tidy up time.

Before you leave, please make sure that your help is not needed : its only with eveyone's help that we can continue to offer the Petite Ecole to your children !

Media Library : During the last half hour, you can browse the library and borrow books, videos and DVDs. The person in charge can advise children and help them choose a book or a film. Books and videos are free to borrow, there is a £1 charge for DVDs. In order to keep our library in good order, we ask that you bring back borrowed books and videos after 3 weeks and DVD after 2 weeks maximum. Every year in July we take an inventory, and we ask that all items are returned at the end of the school year.

Activities et Celebrations


Every year, La Petite Ecole celebrates Christmas, Easter and the "fêtes des Rois" in January. Childen participate with cooking and other manual activities.

At Christmas, a French father christmas visits the children at the Petite Ecole and gives out presents, this is followed by a traditional christmas cake. At the end of November, children will prepare ceramic "fèves" which will be used in January for the traditionnal "galette des rois".
At Easter, an Easter egg hunt is organised.

Sport, cinema, theatre

During the year we organise movie projections, outings and sports games.


At the end of the year, all children participate in a show on stage for the parents.


It has become a tradition now that all families gather for a camping week-end in Debden in July. We have a barbecue and a meal where everyone brings food and drinks. The ones who wish to stay overnight can bring their tents and sleep on site.