1. Language: we rely on French speaking parents to speak French only while attending the Petite Ecole.
  2. Punctuality: please make sure you arrive on time, at 10h to avoid disrupting the sessions..
  3. Security and supervision: the main entrance stays open from 10h onwards. It is important that everyone makes sure to close the door which separates the entrance and the hall to avoid children escaping outside. During break time, children have to stay in the 2 main halls and the kitchen to access the library.
  4. Forbidden Zones: the corridor is for access only and children are not allowed to play in the corridor. It is only to be used to access the entrance and the lavatory. The chair room is a dangerous place: bikes and other toys are stored there, they don't belong to us and we are not allowed to use them. The theatre room is closed from 11h30 and children are not allowed to play there.
  5. Payment: the fees are due at the beginning of the term and we will not reimburse any fees for missed sessions during a term.
  6. Reimbursment of expenses: expenses incurred to pay for material for lessons or organising an outings will be reimbursed by la Petite Ecole if they have been authorised by the President or Treasurer by producing a receipt.
  7. Media Library: books have to be returned within 3 weeks, DVD and videos within 2 weeks. All items have to be returned by the end of the year in July.
  8. Liability: Parents are responsible for the supervision of their children at all time (see discharge signed when becoming a member)
  9. Voluntary participation: la Petite Ecole is run on a voluntary basis by all active members, everyones help is appreciated and essential.